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Tracey Buyce Fine Art Horse Photography -Collector's Edition Calendar 2019


2019 Tracey Buyce

Fine Art Horse Photography

2019 Collector's Edition Calendar

Proceeds from this very special calendar to benefit Cailin & Dave Rotkowitz

Give Dave a Leg Up

"Dave had a headache on Thanksgiving Day this year while he was visiting his parents — not from the stress of holiday shopping, like I get. His headache was so bad that he had to go to the hospital. 

Dave is a hard-working husband who enjoys his job taking care of our Earth as a geologist, as well as taking care of his home and wife, my good friend Cailin. She also works long hours as a store manager and horse trainer (a fellow equestrian). It’s not uncommon for Cailin to refer to Dave sincerely as “the most amazing human.”

Days after Thanksgiving, Dave had emergency surgery to take out a brain tumor. The diagnosis was expected weeks later. Anxiety and depression filled their lives. 

Three weeks later, he rapidly lost control of the left side of his body, and once again he was rushed to the hospital. An emergency craniotomy was necessary to drain excess fluid that was putting pressure on his brain.

Dave’s diagnosis was a very aggressive brain tumor called Glioblastoma (GBM): a grade four, quickly growing and spreading tumor. 

He is now on medical leave from his job. In the coming weeks, he will be undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which his doctors hope will buy him more time. Cailin knows that now is her time to take care of Dave and that this will require her to dramatically reduce the amount she works. 

Dave is in his early 30’s— a vibrant, young and otherwise healthy man! Experts at Cedars-Sinai as well as The American Brain Tumor Association agree that additional treatments, such as participation in clinical trials, at his age can contribute to an improved prognosis.

Both Cailin and Dave have touched the lives of so many people with their kindness, good spirits and generosity. Now, with your help, we can make it a little less stressful for them, so that they can share their time together with a little less weight on their shoulders, and so that Dave will be able to receive the best treatment available to give him the best possible quality of life. These cancer treatments are costly and are often not fully covered by health insurance.

As many of us in the horse world know all too well, things happen that we cannot predict. A sudden fall can leave us wounded, emotionally and physically. In these times, a leg up is sometimes necessary to get back in the saddle; to help us keep enduring, even when the going gets tough." ( text courtesy of Dave's Go Fund me page)

Thank you!


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